State Team

Each year, talented Victorian climbers have the opportunity to trial for a place in the Victorian State Team and participate in national championships. State Teams form an integral part of the pathway toward representing Australia nationally. Climbers selected are exposed to both the highest level of competition in the country, and are given the opportunity to train and develop amongst the best climbers in Victoria under the guidance and expertise of State Team coaches.

2013 Victorian State Team


Campbell Harrison
Aden Nadoh
Fabien Schuelke
Josh Fawssett
Louis Godsell
Anthony Cheffings
Jon Stevens
Harold Ramsey
Matthew Austin
Wil Marsh
Torsten Johnsson
Dean Sartorel
Josh Ebrahimi
Byam Keil
Matt Campbell
Luke Hardy
Bode Tuckerman


Sarah Davis
Ashlee Hendy
Denise Wootten
Allison Driessen
Ruen Mackenzie
Sarah McKenzie
Emily Benjamin
Oceana Mackenzie
Simone Cheffings
Kristy Ebbott
Lauren Niesen
Bec Leed