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Settle in with a cup of tea/coffee/Clif bar and read some stories by fellow climbers to start the conversation, normalising all types of bodies in this community we love. If you feel inspired to share your own, scroll down to the ‘Share your story button’ at the bottom of this page!

Steph’s story

You don’t have to be light to be a climber.

I weigh 90kg. I’ve always had a heavy frame/build. Even at the peak of my athletic and competitive climbing ability, I weighed 10-20kg more than my climbing friends. Recently I’ve learned to love my body for what it does and to ignore the scale. This body is strong. It climbs trad, it mountaineers, it boulders, it grew a baby, and it takes me to amazing places, climbing all over the world. You don’t have to be light to be a climber.

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Minty’s story

You don’t have to have strong legs to be a climber.

I have cerebral palsy. I was told when I was small that I’d be lucky to walk or talk, let alone participate in any sports. I was happy with that, made peace with it even, until I found climbing. On the wall, my physical differences mean I climb differently to everybody else, but the beauty is, no two people climb the same, regardless of physical ability. So what if I mostly use my hulk-like upper body strength to problem solve up the wall? So do other people! Just because it’s often the only practical option I have, doesn’t mean it’s not a good solution. This body might be a little wobbly from the waist down, but it’s still strong, it still climbs and it keeps surprising me every damn day.

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