SCV Awards

2021 Communtiy Hero

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1. Joady Bye has been nominated by Julie Postma. Joady  She/They has done a great job gently and quietly keeping us sane with photos of cats, blossoms and numerous funny stories during lockdowns and non lockdown times, often offering to have a chat if anyone needed…..  Joady always responds to comments and says hello in gyms….. just an all round great person.

2. Minty has nominated Kaman (Kam) Ng for climbing community hero?  She’s been putting up lots of little training videos for people to do in lockdown with low/no equipment and has provided some training plans for people as well, all while still being a student ☺️ 

3.   Steph Gooden would like to nominate Karen Zamboni (KP) or even known as Grace’s mum for her tireless efforts in making arrangements for Victorian high performance athletes to have gym access during lockdown. 

4. Ellen Mackenzie has nominated Will Hammersla, for supporting high performance athletes during lockdowns this year and going through 2 weeks of hotel quarantine to accompany Oceana to the Olympics.  

5. Maya Stasiuk is nominating Sophie Bell as a Climbing Community Hero. Over the years Sophie has coached many wonderful youth climbing programs at Blochaus. Encouraging and supporting all levels of Victorian youth climbers. Sophie has also been my climbing hero during all the numerous lockdowns! Thankyou Sophie! 

Thank you everyone for your nominations and support and the winner of the box of donuts is…………. Will Hammersla.  Enjoy!

2020 Lock Down Hero Awards

With a year like no other we have gone down a different road with our awards. Covid-19 has certainly changed how SCV have been able to run competitions across Victoria. With the gyms closed for a majority of the year, SCV were lucky enough to hold one event. The 2020 Youth State Boulder Titles were held at BlocHaus Bouldering, Port Melbourne with a huge turn out of strong young Victorians. None the less Victorians have come together and supported Victorian climbing gyms, climbing stores and each other and is something to be proud of. We are! And with this we created the Lock Down Heroes Awards.


Climb West Melbourne, Showing their community spirit by running a shout-out campaign to support local  businesses who are doing it tough in lockdown & keeping positive spirits alive on  social media, they have gone out of their way to try to help other businesses in  Melbourne, even when they’re struggling themselves! They deserve our support and  recognition. 

Melbourne Climbing School, Even after their business has been hugely affected by Covid they have had their  finger on the pulse and shared tips for building anchors, tying knots in new ways and  offered trad refresher courses for post-lockdown when we’ll all be a bit rusty”. 

Women’s Uprising Aus and Adaptive Climbing Victoria, For “working together to facilitate the virtual womxn’s climbing festival in September, the highlight of a lot of people’s lockdowns. 

Yvette Harrison, Taking up the challenge to keep everyone updated as much as possible in the climbing community on SCV social media with posts on inclusive awareness, mental health awareness, local climbing business and gym shout outs, global climbing news, club grants, fun memories and so much more. 

Mike Law, Making a quite a few good technical climbing posts on the FB group “Melbourne  Rock Climbing” they’ve fostered a lot of discussion as he posted them and have done  their bit to keep the climbing stoke high! 

Moriah Broadbent, Organising workouts over zoom for groups or private sessions and continuously  inspiring all. Looking after the mental health, fitness & active lifestyles of the youth  throughout lockdown this year ,even helping with homework at times.  

Goatfest & Tracey Skinner, For continued support in the organisation of Goatfest this year despite Covid-19 and the inability to host the event live at Natimuk Hall. A mammoth effort was put in to pulling  it together via Zoom and Vimeo and a great night was had by all bringing the  community together even while distanced. Great work!  

Sophie Bell, Maya would like to nominate Sophie Bell for her support and commitment to her  climbing during this difficult year of lockdown. Sophie has constantly made an effort, always providing a fabulous lockdown program, with regular training zoom sessions,  and great climbing support Maya would like to recognise Sophie as her lockdown  hero. 

“Sophie, you have given me a focus to keep active and continue growing as a climber and person.” 

We held a random draw and the winner received a box of donuts.  The lucky winner was Women Uprising Australia. Thank you Victoria for taking part and showing each other support throughout this time.

The SCV Awards are back for 2019!

We would like to help recognise those members in our community for outstanding achievement. We aim to bring all aspects of the climbing community together by recognising those members who have contributed significantly giving up their time and devotion to climbing in Victoria.

Below, you will find a list of awards capturing aspects of climbing throughout Victoria. Please scroll through and if you think of someone, a business or a group that are deserving then please nominate them

Nominations can include achievements from November 2018 until August 31, 2019 when nominations will close.  This year, voting of the winners will be made open to SCV Members so you will decide the winners!

The awards will be presented at the AGM held later in the year.

Nominations are now closed, voting will be made available shortly.

Click here to view 2018 winners.

List of Awards

Climber of the Year (Male)
Climber of the Year (Female)
Young Climber of the Year (Junior/Youth Male)
Young Climber of the Year (Junior/Youth Female)
Gym of the Year
Coach of the Year
Team of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Community Project of the Year
Leadership Award
Ascent of the Year

Athlete of the Year Awards

Athlete of the Year awards recognise individuals from any discipline for athletic excellence. But, that’s not all we’re looking for. Awardees not only demonstrate commitment to the sport, they also epitomise Sport Climbing Victoria’s values of inclusiveness and good sportsmanship. Winners show respect for others, leadership and conduct worthy of an ambassador for the sport.

  • Climber of the Year (Male)
  • Climber of the Year (Female)
  • Young Climber of the Year (Junior/Youth Male)
  • Young Climber of the Year (Junior/Youth Female)

Gym of the Year

A “gym” is a climbing and/or bouldering specific gym. Eligible gyms demonstrate a high standard in safety, routesetting and staff education. They also create opportunities for climbers of all levels to improve and meet others. Gyms also help develop the sport of climbing and/or bouldering, both at an elite and recreational level. They provide expertise, an encouraging environment and modern facilities and equipment for climbers to succeed.

Coach of the Year

Eligible coaches are nominated for outstanding coaching achievement. Coaches must also present a positive image, respect for clients and demonstrate concern for their athletes’ careers. Above all, they must adopt an anti-doping stance. Qualifications are encouraged.

Team of the Year

A “team” is comprised of more than three members – for example, organised by a school, club or climbing gym. The team should achieve specific goals and demonstrate regular, structured interactions. Eligible teams have achieved success in their field in the past year.

Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises an individual who has been actively involved in the sport at a volunteer capacity. By generously devoting time, resources and energy, the individual makes a real difference within the Victorian climbing community. Going above and beyond, the awardee works – unpaid – for the best interest of the sport and its people.

Community Project of the Year

Celebrating the single most outstanding community project this year, this award recognises events, campaigns or other projects that benefit the local climbing community. Significant, original projects that work with a community to directly address needs, provide pathways to success and create opportunities for individuals to join a community are encouraged. Projects should also be effective, organised and well executed.

Leadership Award

Honouring an individual who demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities, this award recognises someone who motivates and inspires people around them to accomplish. The individual inspires a high level of commitment from others through leading by example. They tirelessly work to create an environment where others can excel.

Ascent of the Year

This award recognises a significant ascent from any discipline (Sport, Trad, Boulder or Alpine). This could be a route of significance, a particular milestone (e.g. Youngest person to climb 34), a notable ascent style or a notable new route.

*The person nominated must be Victorian