Australian Open Lead Team 2018

The Australian Open Lead Team for 2018 has been selected.  Among the elite athletes selected to represent Australia are Victorians Oceana Mackenzie, Claire Kassay, James Kassay and Campbell Harrison.

These four are the same four selected for the Open Bouldering Team earlier in 2018 demonstrating their capacity in both disciplines.

Congratulations and good luck in your adventures around the world! To view the entire lead and bouldering team, click here.

2018 National Lead rankings have also been released seeing some very familiar names and some new ones enter the top 10 including:

Open A Female

Oceana Mackenzie: 2nd
Sarah McKenzie: 4th
Charlotte Garden: 8th

Open A Male

James Kassay: 2nd
Ned Middlehurst: 4th
Matt Hoschke: 9th

Masters Female

Ally Driessen: 4th
Sue Middlehurst: 7th
Leanne Harvey: 8th

Masters Male

Justin Lindorff: 3rd
Dick Lodge: 5th
Tony Tarpangos: 9th

To view the full National Rankings including youth categories, click here.