Oceana Mackenzie Continues to Shine

Oceana Mackenzie continues her hot streak making semi-finals at the Wujiang Lead World Cup on 20-21 October, 2018. This is an amazing achievement for the 16 year old in her first open lead world cup.

Mackenzie managed an astonishing 19th place for lead in a tough set which saw 13 of 26 competitors fall with a score of 22+.

There was further controversy at the event when, after all the finalists had completed the route, the organisers deemed the conditions too variable between the first climber and the last due to poor weather conditions and decided to cancel finals for both women and men.

This meant the semi-final results were deemed the final score for podium winners.

For full results, click here.

Mackenzie competed in speed at the event and came 21st missing semi-finals by a mere 1.43 seconds. Mackenzie finished with a time of 10.57 seconds.

Mackenzie had this to say about the competition:

“My first ever Lead World Cup🤩 I loved every minute of it!! I was stoked to make semis and compete against a lot of amazingly strong girls! Finished 19th in lead and 21st in speed. I don’t think I gave the Semi route all I could😏 So I’m excited to give it another go this weekend In Xiamen!”

Mackenzie will be competing again this weekend at the Xiamen Lead World Cup in lead and speed.  We wish you the best of luck and hope you continue to shine!