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2021 Victorian Olympic Sport Climbing Development

Support The Sport Climbing Victoria Raffle and bring much needed funds to our 2021 Victorian Olympic Sport Climbing Development. Help fund specialised training requirements, coaching and setting for high level athlete training.

With funding we can help develop programs tailored to athletes needs and help athletes achieve the best results possible now and into the future.

Thank you for your support and thank you to our amazing sponsors for your incredible support & prizes.

Join the SCV Board


Sport Climbing Victoria is looking for new Board Directors!
Are you keen to be a part of the dynamic team at Sport Climbing Victoria? Do you have an interest in the Competition scene and development of the sport?
We are seeking nominations for two new Board Directors to be elected by our voluntary board in June, as well as expressions of interest from those interested in joining the board at our Annual General Meeting later this year.
We encourage all, including womxn, people living with disabilities and people from First Nations, Bipoc, LGBTQIA+ to apply. 🌈
For more information on Sport climbing Victoria’s current Strategic Plan, visit…/2019-Strategic…
Nominees must be or happy to become, 2021 Sport Climbing Victoria members.
Please submit your nomination form found HERE
Via email to: by 6th of June and include a short paragraph about yourself, your skills and experience, and why you’d like to nominate.
We can’t wait to meet you. 😀

2021 Membership Drive – Sponsored by Bogong Equipment

2021 Sport Climbing Victoria Membership Drive


Join Sport Climbing Victoria in 2021 before March 6th and be in the draw for a pair of La Sportiva Theory Climbing Shoes donated by our great supporters, Bogong Equipment

Join Here

Become a member and receive discounts to our supporter stores, receive monthly emails, join us for events throughout the year. Become a member of the Sport Climbing Victoria family, we would love to have you.

Gymhopper Social Climbing Event 2020

Sport Climbing Victoria Gym Hopper Social Event 2020

Visit as many participating gyms as you can during December and send as many of the competition routes as possible!
Top rope or boulder; 3 routes per gym worth 1pt, 2pts & 3pts.
Share on social media for 1 extra point per gym.
HUGE PRIZE LIST for the overall winner, top efforts in gym visitation and random draw! Mega list of gym multi-passes up for grabs, as well as sweet gear prize packs and more.
Free comp entry at
Standard entry costs per gym
Live results:
Enter sends at
Enter social media pts at
(must tag @sportclimbvic & the gym)
Support Victoria’s gyms who have done it tough during lockdown by taking part in this open and all-inclusive competitive social event.

Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations

In May of 2019, representatives from community climbing organisations gathered to discuss improving governance processes and becoming a more organised activity. Following the initiation of this discussion, this document’s purpose is to:

  • Explore the current context related to climbing activity governance
  • Summarise key findings from consultations to date and additional research
  • Provide recommendations; and
  • Detail implementation options and recommend a preferred option.

This review is intended to initiate wider climbing community engagement and seek input and feedback related to the recommendations and implementation options. Thank you to all those that have provided input and contributed to this governance review, and for those engaging with this continued consultation process.

There is a feedback survey that has been developed to collect feedback from the Victorian climbing community on the Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations document. A QR code is embedded in the last page (Pg 39, before the appendices) of the document so that anyone that has the document is able to provide feedback by scanning the code with a mobile device which will link them directly to the survey.

Download the Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations

Sport Climbing Victoria 2020 AGM

Venue: Via Zoom

Date/Time:  Monday October 26, 7pm

Please RSVP here:


  1. Welcome
  2. Annual SCV report presented by the Chair
  3. Financial Report
  4. Election of 2020 Board Members
  5. Returning to Climbing tips from Katie Kaminsky
  6. Reconciliation and Climbing presented by GWRN
  7. Celebrating our Isolation Heroes

Nominating for Office Bearer or Ordinary Member of the Board

If you wish to nominate for the SCV board you must be over 18 years of age. If you are interested in a board role please complete the form and return it to the email address 5 days before the AGM (October 21st). If you have any questions about the roles and want to understand the time commitments associated with them please get in touch with your questions.

Proxy Vote

If you cannot attend the meeting then please fill out a proxy vote form. Contact above.

  • Notice of Proxy to be given in writing to the Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to AGM

Women Uprising Australia – Virtual Climbing Festival

No matter where you are in Australia you can join in the Women Uprising Australia – Virtual Climbing Festival

The WUVCF is for all women climbers, non-normative gender identities and individuals who identify as womxn to join us for this Virtual Climbing Festival. Suitable for folx of all levels. Womxn: A term adopted by Womxn Uprising to refer to all women, and people who identify as women inclusive of trans, non-binary, genderqueer and bi-gender womxn.

September 5th via Zoom

Sure to be a fantastic event, with guest speakers galore, topics for days and a goody bag full of prizes, get your ticket, or apply for a scholarship. For more information visit  Women Uprising Australia

Tickets here

Helping The Gyms Become COVID Safe

Helping our Gyms become COVID Safe

We have all been missing heading to climbing gyms for the past couple of months, closed to reduce our collective risk of COVID-19 spreading widely throughout the community. Climbing gyms are now opening throughout the country and Victorian gyms are set to open on June 22nd. Soon we will again be back in our favorite facilities working out the beta on perplexing problems and feeling a satisfactory forearm pump after a hard session. But climbing indoors will be different for the foreseeable future – the persistent risk of COVID-19 spread is still with us and everyone and every business needs to remain vigilant to prevent us from heading back into the type of shutdowns we have already experienced.

SCA at the national level and SCV at the state level have been playing an integral part in getting gyms ready for re-opening and facilitating discussions nation-wide regarding reopening guidelines and best practice measures that gyms should consider implementing. This has included consultation with the Australian Institute of Sport regarding sport-specific guidelines published in the Framework for Rebooting Sport and participation in the International Federation of Sport Climbing Medical Commission calls to understand emerging best practices for reopening climbing facilities.

Two calls with facility managers from around the country were hosted on May 8th and June 5th and in between these calls a template COVID-19 safe plan was drafted for facilities to review and adjust and implement as their own policies and plans. By having facilities base their COVID-19 safe plans off the same template this creates some consistency between experiences that climbers will have between gyms and instill confidence in public health officials that our industry has considered transmission risk and taken collective action to address these risks as much as possible.

Climbing facility managers have been very responsive and eager to understand what best practice is in terms of reducing COVID-19 transmission risk in their facilities. This has been followed by facility-specific plans and then the work implementing these plans. There are a couple of measures worth highlighting.

Capacity and contact management: Likely the biggest change to normal climbing gyms visits will be the need to understand the capacity of the gym. Most gyms are managing this by implementing a booking system with a time limit on your climbing sessions. Some gyms may allow drop in during non-peak times but if you don’t book you might be turned away if the facility is at capacity. Additionally, there will be controls about how you can move and gather in climbing facilities to avoid congregations of people in the same area. Again gyms are taking a similar approach and implementing zones with clear signage about the limits about how many people can be in one zone at a given time. Emerging evidence about COVID-19 transmission dynamics suggests that the close person to person contact is the primary driver of transmission so these efforts are likely to have the biggest impact on reducing transmission risk in our climbing gyms so it’s very important that when we visit climbing gyms we follow these guidelines and are vigilant to maintain 1.5 metre distance between one another.

Hand sanitisation between climbs: While presenting a lower risk than a person to person contact, surface transmission cannot be ruled out as a potential vector for virus transmission. That’s why sanitising your hands between moving from climb to climb will be important. Facilities will be facilitating this by placing hand sanitisation stations in various locations around climbing areas and increased use of liquid chalk that has an alcohol content of more than 70% will help facilitate this too.

Use of liquid chalk only: The risk of loose chalk, which can remain in the air for a fair amount of time, being a potential surface that the virus can remain active on is currently unknown. While its likely low risk, being cautious in the early stages of reopening days is an appropriate approach. Additionally using liquid chalk, with its alcohol content will sanitise your hands which will help following the need to sanitise hands between climbs.

Daily cleaning of flooring including bouldering mats: Regularly cleaning high traffic surfaces especially surface where droplets from a potential infectious person may settle will help to reduce virus particles from tracking around a facility. Gyms are implementing strict regular cleaning procedures that will help to further reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

SCV encourages all climbers to become familiar with the COVID safe policies and procedures the climbing gyms you are visiting are implementing. Please help your gyms stay COVID safe during our stages of reopening and hopefully we can continue to climb through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phillip Goebel

Image – Vicsport

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