Radest Productions

Sport Climbing Victoria is very happy that Radest Productions are working with Climb Media to bring us the live stream for the Australian Boulder Climbing Championships.

Who is Radest Productions?

The brainchild of Antoine Moussette a former employee at K2 Basecamp and an extremely active member within the climbing community. Radest Productions is an audio visual content agency that produces video and social media campaigns. Our aim being to produce audio visual content for the for outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts.

The other members of the team are

Angela Davies: Graphic Artist
Patrik Banda: Cameraman, editor and director
Daniel Gordon: Training Guru
Paul Pagoldh: Social media and event coordinator
Frank Petsch: Photographer and camera Guru
John J. O’brien: Public relations and Wild Country and Red Chilli Athlete Lewis Templar: Editor and Cameraman
jSun: Studio & Sound design
Henk Morgans: DMM Goal Zero sponsored athlete

What we do

Radest production seeks to work with a company or brand to develop a media strategy with objectives and a timeline based on specific needs and nature of the product, allowing the product or brand to better engage, participation and sharing within its target audience.

First we want to design a strategy and timeline in order to achieve our goals, next our team will look after the technical process of filming, editing and producing the content. Then it’s back into the digital world where we publish and optimise the content and push it out to the necessary channels to connect it with your audience.