Thank you!

Sport Climbing Victoria would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, officials and sponsors of the 2015 Australian Boulder Climbing Championships.

We hope that you all had as much fun as we did, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

In case you were wondering, here are a few of the things that went into our event…

600 sqm of marquee, 4 Tonnes of steel frame, 1000 bolts, 10,000 T-nuts holes, 50,000 hits of the hammer, 10,000 t-nuts, 4 tonnes of ply, 3 saw blades, 900 angle cuts in plywood, 72 litres of paint, 89 pages of engineering drawings, 4400 hours of volunteer labour, 175 home cooked meal deliveries, 24 drill bits, 340 cans of diet coke, 2 reams of paper, 1 printer cartridge, one AGM, 20 hours of DJing, 240 bottles of water, 248 registrations, 400 metres of tape, 860 holds, 40 volumes, 4 mega volumes, 230 sqm of mats, 500 spectator seats, 17 hours of live stream, 4 terabites of film, 78 problems, 336 score sheets,  1125 paper clips, 400 computer documents, 7 iphone cables, 1.5km of cables, 13 sponsors,  210 sqm of wall, 19,700 timelapse photos, 59 facebook updates, thousands of emails, texts and messenger conversations!!

Until next time…

Sport Climbing Australia Nationals Bouldering Championships 2015 – Wall Construction from Aaron Lowndes on Vimeo.