Mock Comp Huge Success

The mock competition for our Victorian State Lead Titles was held over the weekend.  We sought to not only train our volunteers but also show competitors what to expect in a live competition. We simulated the competition format including how to handle isolation and mentally prepare to climb.

Youth B, A and Masters competitors did two qualifying routes and one final route.   Coach Sophie Bell focused on managing warm up, head space and staying warm between climbs in isolation.

Youth C and D got to practice the new format being trialled next Saturday with 4 climbs and no isolation.

A big thank you to Hardrock Nunawading for allowing us to utilise the space to prepare for state titles.

To register for this weekends competition please visit Sport Climbing Australia. 

Victorian State Lead Titles

Date: Saturday 10 February, 2018
Location: Northwalls, Brunswick
Time: 8am for registration