Adaptive Climbing Training Camp

1-SCV AGM & Awards

Such a fantastic weekend with a training camp hosted by North Walls Indoor Climbing to aid the Adaptive Climbing Community.

Setter, Carlie LeBreton  was flown down by Sport Climbing Australia and together with Victorian setter, Anaya Brain were in attendance to further enhance their skills as setters for the many different classifications in a Paraclimbing competition setting.

Sian Spencer and Katie Kaminski (AVC) (Physios) both from the SCA Paraclimbing Sub Committee were in attendance to teach warming up, cooling down and climbing techniques to suit the climbers needs, while AUS Youth Team Coach Sophie Bell came along on Sunday to help assist and offer her skills. Australian Paraclimbing Team member, Russell Harrison and Adaptive Climbing Victoria members, Sarah, Minty and Julie came along to both days and would all agree it was a fantastic weekend filled with learning all about competition format, warm ups and cool downs, technique to aid their adaptive needs but most importantly they had a fantastic time supporting each other, laughing and together how we can achieve amazing things.

Thank you to Nick and North Walls Indoor Climbing, the staff and SCA for making the event as great as it was.

Can’t wait till the next one and thankyou to everyone who made it happen!

If you would like to be involved in Adaptive Climbing contact :-

Thank you Yvette Harrison for the photos