Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations

In May of 2019, representatives from community climbing organisations gathered to discuss improving governance processes and becoming a more organised activity. Following the initiation of this discussion, this document’s purpose is to:

  • Explore the current context related to climbing activity governance
  • Summarise key findings from consultations to date and additional research
  • Provide recommendations; and
  • Detail implementation options and recommend a preferred option.

This review is intended to initiate wider climbing community engagement and seek input and feedback related to the recommendations and implementation options. Thank you to all those that have provided input and contributed to this governance review, and for those engaging with this continued consultation process.

There is a feedback survey that has been developed to collect feedback from the Victorian climbing community on the Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations document. A QR code is embedded in the last page (Pg 39, before the appendices) of the document so that anyone that has the document is able to provide feedback by scanning the code with a mobile device which will link them directly to the survey.

Download the Climbing Governance Review and Recommendations