Good Sportsmanship Awards

This year Sport Climbing Victoria awarded the first Good Sportsmanship Awards.  The idea was to recognise qualities of good sportsmanship among the junior athletes both during the season and at the Boulder Climbing Championships.

Will Hammersla (Australia Climbing Team Coach), in consultation with other event officials throughout the climbing year, selected the winners.  The winners were Roxy Perry from Tasmania & Alistair Earley from Queensland. Will introduces us to them:

Roxy Perry – Roxy has always been such a hard worker in training camps, training sessions and events. She is positive and supportive to her team mates and is fearless when it comes to putting in hard work. Roxy is also tenacious in her drive to succeed and constantly better herself. No matter the obstacle, she finds a way to push through her plateaus and continue to improve.

Alistair Earley – Whilst being a new member to the Australian team, Al has already left a lasting impression. He is focused, positive and especially considerate. He shows support and kindness to his fellow team mates and is always ready to lend a hand and go that extra step. In addition to his team qualities, Al is also a very driven athlete. Persistent in his efforts to succeed and improve, he is inspiring to everyone around him.

The awards were sponsored by Hardrock Climbing.


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Introducing: Sport Climbing Victoria Awards

This year we’ll be awarding 18 individuals, groups, businesses and organisations with the prestigious honour of a Sport Climbing Victoria Award.

In our nomination criteria, we outline Sport Climbing Victoria’s core ideals. We hope that these awards encourage you all to strive for the best, whether you’re an athlete, coach, club committee member or retail staff at an outdoor shop.

These awards are an opportunity for us to celebrate influential people and organisations in the climbing community. It’s a platform for your hard work to be recognised.

And, it’s you – the climbers – who will be deciding who wins. Aside from select awards (which will be determined by a panel of judges), most categories will be voted on by you.

You’ll also be nominating. Nominate a friend, business, colleague, or even yourself or an organisation you’re a part of.

For a list of awards, click here.
To fill out a nomination form, click here.

Nominations are OPEN. (Closing date: 1 June.)
Voting begins 1 July and ends 1 September.

Awards will be presented at 2015 Victorian State Boulder Championship, 26 September.

All voters must be members of Sport Climbing Victoria. (Not yet a member? Join us! Membership starts at just $15.)

All nominated individuals must be members of Sport Climbing Victoria.