2022 Victorian Youth Selection Criteria

Dear Victorian Youth Climbers,
With 2022 Climbing Youth Nationals having been announced for June Sport Climbing Victoria will need to conduct a special selection process this year. The details of the selection process will be published shortly following the publishing of the SCA event infopack where state quota numbers will be released. The SCV selection process will follow the following principles and sequential process:
1. Consider first the Victorian athletes who achieved a podium position at the 2019
Climbing Youth Nationals and their current youth category. These athletes will be offered
a position in their current youth category for the discipline in which that podium position
was achieved.
2. Following quota offerings athletes based on 2019 youth national performance selection
for each discipline will consider:
● Lead: results from a selection event to be held in May 2022 (details to be
announced very shortly)
● Bouldering: results from Victorian Bouldering Titles 2021 with consideration of
youth category changes UPDATE Applications must be in by Sunday 8th May.
● Speed: video submission of a speed run. Sport Climbing Victoria are asking for applications by athletes hoping to compete in the discipline of Speed at the Youth National Championships. Please reply with this information by April 30th at the latest.

UPDATE : We are opening up the speed video and applications again until the 8th of May.

  • Speed: video submission of a speed run need to be sent to secretary@sportclimbingvictoria.com.au
  • Please include Date of & Time of run
  • Last Competition Speed placing if known & current Youth Category
    Gravity Worx have set a run for Youth C & D. Bayside Rock have set a run for Youth C & D. Please use either of these runs for your application.

Keep an eye on your Sport Climbing Australia membership registered email account to see if you have received an invite to the Australian Youth Nationals depending on the selection criteria. Maximum of three quota spots to be offered for each category and discipline at
this stage.
3. Special considerations – athletes who do not qualify for a desired quota position via one
of the above methods may express interest to compete through a written submission
process. The selection committee will consider:
● Medical/health reasons for not participating in qualifying events
● Prior competition performance
● Climbing experience and participation in a youth squad
Maximum of two quota spots to be offered for each category and discipline
through special consideration
4. Any remaining quota spots not yet filled after special considerations will be offered to the
athletes next ranked at the step 2 in the above process

Full Selection Criteria document Below